Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Sound of Sugar....Vidhu Aggarwal

umbilical with titles from Vidhu Aggarwal on Vimeo.

Humpadori Umbilical Cord Friend

I arrive, singly—

the belly to unfuzz
the static orchestra,
to expand the warm feelings, play jump rope!

A neon pulse—a dimple—wanders
and out on you—

Lickety split. Spit and lick
the seal.
Close your eyes. And all the shine will migrate there:

lubing the tube, where the oxygen bells and surges,

ripening incidence, wings,
and miscellaneous

Worlds-a-rama lotus out
of your skin and hinges. Soft

peep and spore. A door opens.
You’re adored.

You’re another Venus

Hottentot, Venus with fur. It’s almost a dream:
You can always be more than you are—
Since you’re more than you want to be.

I’m your live feed
of nerves dangling, attached and rhyming, going to seed.

If you pluck the grub-end, I might bleed

a free-form history, but never free.

About the Poet:
Vidhu Aggarwal grew up in New Orleans, Louisiana and Sugar Land Texas, and currently lives and teaches in central Florida. Her poetry and video are a mash-up of cultural forms such as Bollywood, Star Trek, video games, internet porn, anime, minstrel shows, and tourist attractions. Her poems can be found in Sugar House Review, The Pedestal Magazine, Juked, Nimrod, PANK, desi-lit, and interlope among others. Readings and videos are available at the website She is the found editor of SPECS, a journal of arts and culture with issues on Toys, The Perverse, and Homuncular Flexibility –

About the Sound of Sugar:
We’ve loved reading the work that we’ve published (clearly), so now we want an opportunity to better hear our contributors. We will feature an audio recording of a poem from one of our seven issues, read by the poet and updated every couple of weeks. This an open invitation to all contributors from any of our issues, we were delighted to print your work, now we’re eager to hear it.

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