Sunday, July 9, 2023



Because I’ve doused my wrists in Exit the King & bring them

supplicationwise to my face loopingly as if I could closer.

Because sheepsy wolvesy Beethoven’s playing on Pandora.

Because I’m performing an exorcism on the closet & what

was within lays bare over bed & chaise stitched with dog

hair. Coleworts twice sodden. Cockleshells all in a row. Art

is very instinctive (declares Rosten-Edwards). In the ’90s I

wore you feline suited. Neon-wigged in cognito, didn’t I think

myself queenly pussyfooting into those guillotine nights?

Inspiration drawn from Peg Bundy & Hades. It’s not just

the dust bunnies among the skeletons I’m after. Damnit I

cried last night watching Queer Eye. Because Stocking Lady

& damnit wacky fashion sense & damnit overdressed &

underclothed. Because in a fantasy I’m as reflective as an idea

eeling behind the eyes especially crushed—coruscated &

Zorcoian as March rain. Navigating dusk I turn on mid-

lights. Soft get-you-bys. I was intent you’d be skirt split to

saddlebag, tube-top over-floweth. A text or two later—your

Shane’s second piss catheter. Him constipated from Chemo

meds. You can’t go back & it’s a blessing as much as a curse.

Scarf cloaking shoulder like the folded-upon-folded-upon-

selves cabbage (cut in-half) now are: labyrinthine. I am

adorned. I wear you. But you—you wear me out


LGBTQ+ artist, NEA and MacDowell Fellow, and former Key West Poet 
Laureate, Flower Conroy’s books include Snake Breaking Medusa Disorder
A Sentimental Hairpin, and Greenest Grass (or You Can’t Keep Killing 
Yourself & Not Expect to Die). Her poetry has appeared or is forthcoming in 
American Poetry Review, American Literary Review, The Yale Review, and 


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